Employment Opportunities

The following are open career opportunities at AOMA. We welcome qualified applicants who have an appreciation for the vision, mission, and core values of AOMA. If you have questions about the positions listed below, please contact the supervisor directly. For general inquiries about Human Resources, please contact the Compensation and Benefits Coordinator at hr@aoma.edu.

Doctoral Programs Director

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Doctoral Programs Director (“the Director”) provides academic and strategic leadership for AOMA’s Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM and DAcOM) Programs as well as continuing education doctoral training tracks. The Director articulates the vision and purpose of doctoral programs at AOMA, ensuring alignment with AOMA’s mission and vision. The Director serves on AOMA committees as requested by the Vice President of Academics and Accreditation or the President of AOMA, to include but not limited to the Academic Council, Clinical Oversight Committee, Scientific Review Committee, IRB, Faculty Senate, and President’s Cabinet. The Director works closely with AOMA leadership, staff, faculty and students to provide innovative and transformative learning experience that educates leaders, teachers, researchers and high-level practitioners in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and integrative medicine. The Director is responsible for curricular approval, implementation, evaluation, accreditation and modification through established institutional processes. The Director is responsible for term-by-term doctoral course and clinical offerings and faculty assignments for all related doctoral courses and clinics. The Director is responsible for guiding and advising Program students through their course of study and assuring timely student graduation from Programs, as defined by program accrediting bodies.

DUTIES: Reporting to the VP Academics and Accreditation, the Director shall:

  • Articulate the vision and purpose of both the DAOM and DAcOM programs and as well as continuing education doctoral training tracks, ensuring alignment with AOMA’s mission and vision
  • Provide leadership for the doctoral programs and training tracks in participation and co-operation with AOMA administrative and faculty governance structures
  • Pursue academic scholarship at AOMA, contributing to the field of integrative medicine and enhancing the reputation of the organization through leadership, education and research
  • Oversee new doctoral faculty and student orientations
  • Participate in admissions events and processes for the doctoral programs
  • Participate in relevant accreditation processes, including narratives and processes pertinent to DAOM and DAcOM accreditation. Works closely with the accreditation liaisons to compile substantive change, self-studies, annual reports, and other requirements for programmatic and regional accreditors
  • Chair Doctoral Academic Committees 
  • Attend and participate in committees such as: Academic Council, Clinical Oversight Committee, Scientific Review Committee, IRB and Faculty Senate, and President’s Cabinet
  • Work with the AOMA’s operational leadership and develop and manage Doctoral Programs’ budgets and oversee and manage doctoral personnel and facility needs
  • Work closely with the MAcOM Program Director regarding academic planning, policy, and operations (including course scheduling, etc.)
  • Ensure the achievement of doctoral student learning outcomes and timely graduation, as defined by accreditation bodies
  • Work closely with MAcOM Program Director, Director of Clinical Education, Director of Clinical Business Operations, and registrar regarding clinic rotations and supervisor staffing
  • Incorporate doctoral learners in MAcOM clinical activities, such as learning to supervise, assisting in the practical exams, and conducting chart audits
  • Work closely with the AOMA’s leadership to develop community clinic relationships and doctoral clinical rotations
  • Manage issues, concerns, and incidents as they arise in the classes and clinics
  • Coordinate doctoral research and quality improvement activities 
  • Oversee doctoral curriculum revision and modification, program review, and coordinate the results ofrevision with the appropriate campus constituencies
  • Ensure that the doctoral programs remain focused on educational innovation, excellence, and transformative student learning
  • Work closely with admissions and student services to ensure enrollment and retention goals are achieved.
  • Review and edit catalogs, website, advertisements, and other marketing/promotional materials for doctoral programs
  • Foster integration and transformation throughout the program and its related constituencies
  • Recruit and make final recommendations to the Academic Council, Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs Committee, and Cabinet on doctoral faculty
  • Attend national conferences as AOMA representative, as requested by the VP of Academics and Accreditation or the President of AOMA

For the full job description, click below:

Doctoral Programs Director Job Description

TO APPLY: Send a cover letter and resume to hr@aoma.edu.

Herbal Medicine Manager L.Ac. AOMA Herbal Medicine

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The AOMA Herbal Medicine Manager is responsible for effectively and efficiently overseeing the operations of a busy retail site, as well as for working with the Senior Manager to assure excellent quality of staff performance, customer service, and educational support, grow and promote retail business, and build a positive store and team environment conducive to AOMA’s mission to transform lives and communities.

  • Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
  • Oversees all aspects of the business administration and operations of AOMA’s North herbal dispensary and retail location, while providing exemplary customer service to all students, patients, and faculty. 
  • Responsible for daily tasks associated with dispensing herbs, filling formulas, and maintaining clean standards in the AOMA Herbal Medicine South compounding room.
  • Assists Senior Manager with developing and implementing quality improvement systems to assure a high level of customer service and educational support in all areas of AHM operations.
  • Assists with developing and implementing systems and procedures, and assures improved outcomes of those systems, to facilitate business growth, increase store efficiency, drive customer satisfaction, boost employee performance and morale, benefit AOMA’s practitioners, and overall improve the retail business operations environment.

For the full job description, click below:

Manager, AOMA Herbal Medicine Job Description

TO APPLY: Send a cover letter and resume to hr@aoma.edu.

AOMA Herbal Medicine Sales Associate/Herbalist

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The AOMA Herbal Medicine Sales Associate possesses excellent customer service skills and a willingness to learn all aspects of the store’s operations. This position is responsible for daily tasks associated with dispensing herbs, filling formulas, and maintaining clean standards in the AOMA Herbal Medicine herb room. Duties include preparing herbal and patent formulas for customers, purchasing and procuring herbs and acupuncture products, maintaining patient records, stocking the store and more.

For the full job description, click below:

AHM Retail Sales Associate Job Description

TO APPLY: Send a cover letter and resume to to hr@aoma.edu.

Federal Work Study Student Jobs

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Acupuncture Models (AOMA students only, Non-FWS)

AOMA Acupuncture Model

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Acupuncture Model will be available as a demonstration vessel for practical exams in which treatment techniques and other relevant skills are applied.

RATE OF PAY: $12.00/hour


HOW TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Lesley Hamilton at lhamilton@aoma.edu.

Equal Opportunity

It is the policy of the College to provide equal access and opportunity to employees, applicants, and students, and otherwise qualified persons with disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008.The College prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of the application process and the employment relationship.