Enrollment Statistics

"AOMA is very grounded, organized, and caring about what students think; they often ask for our input and make changes. The teachers are lovely people and very knowledgeable, and the advisors are easy to talk to and very helpful." ~ C.K., AOMA Student (2011 Student Survey)

Enrollment - Percent Full-time and Part-time

The majority of AOMA students choose to study full-time so that they may complete their degree and start their new careers.  Some students choose to study part-time so that they may spend more time with family or continue to work while in school.  AOMA students are eligible for federal loan assistance.  In addition, the Federal Work Study program at AOMA started in fall 2011.   These positions give students the option to hold on-campus jobs that support their primary goal of completing their degree.

Enrollment - Percent by Gender

*Student enrollment information is taken from a snapshot on the 12th class day in the fall term. In 2008 this consisted of 207 students; in 2009, 204 students; in 2010, 213 students; in 2011, 202 students; and in 2012, 201 students.

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