Academic Leadership

Yuxin He, PhD, MD (China), LAc

Dean of Academics

DMed, Liaoning College of TCM, 1994
MMed, Nanjing University of TCM, 1989
BMed, Jiangxi College of TCM, 1986

Dr. Yuxin He’s expertise as a teacher and practitioner enriches the learning experience of AOMA students and his contributions to both community and to the larger profession embody the institution’s commitment to excellence.  In addition to his considerable interaction with the larger profession at the national level, Dr. He serves AOMA as Dean of Academics and as a senior faculty member in the Herbal Studies Department. 

Dr. He is an award-winning researcher whose contributions to the profession are numerous and substantive.  He is the author of eight books on Chinese medicine and has published a number of scholarly articles in respected professional journals. Before coming to Texas, Dr. He taught in five of China’s top medical schools.  His early clinical and investigative work focused first on diabetes and later on HIV treatment.  Eventually, He’s attention to significant illnesses and their mechanisms and remediation turned to cancer, cancer patients, and methods of care that addressed not only cause of disease but also after-effects of treatment.  His clinical specialties today include sports injury, dermatology, emotional disorders, chronic fatigue, pain management, immune dysfunction, and palliative care for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  Dr. He is currently working on the outline of a book-length study on cancer prevention and treatment via Chinese medicine.

With more than twenty years of experience to his credit, Dr. He is particularly well known for his application of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of disease.  As a proponent of integrative protocols, Dr. He has also studied Western medicine and passed all three steps of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination).  He is able to incorporate elements of both Western and Eastern care in his treatments to provide excellent and timely care to his patients.  In addition to his administrative and teaching duties and his private practice, Dr. He is actively engaged in the development of the larger profession.  Among his roles on the national level, Dr. He is a member of the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) examination development committee; as such, he and other nationally respected experts evaluate licensing exam questions.  Dr. He is also a member of the editorial committee for the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and for Global Advances in Health & Medicine.  His colleagues and peers value his efforts on behalf of the profession and the college.  At AOMA, where Dr. He has taught since 1996, his students appreciate He’s rigorous, caring delivery of herbal knowledge in the classroom.