Betty Edmond, M.D.


will morris president of acupuncture schoolAOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine is pleased to welcome Dr. Betty Edmond as President, the 4th in AOMA’s history. Dr. Edmond brings strong leadership skills and experience to the organization, as a physician, a senior healthcare executive and an advocate for the advancement of acupuncture. Her background includes 19 years of experience as Vice President of Medical Affairs at Seton Healthcare Family in Austin and Medical Director of Seton’s Children’s Hospital, as well as over 20 years of academic and clinical experience as a faculty member and specialist in Pediatric Infectious Diseases. As a former member of the Board of Governors at AOMA, Dr. Edmond also has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by alternative health practitioners seeking integration within the greater healthcare system.

Dr. Edmond has a deep passion for healthcare improvement, particularly through the use of services that empower people to manage their own health. She has personally pursued the study of nourishing natural foods and their capacity to impact health and is a chef graduate of the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, an organization dedicated to health-oriented culinary education. Most recently she has served as Executive Director of the Natural Epicurean, engaged in business strategies that include the extension of health-focused culinary education to patients and healthcare organizations. Her unique perspective and experience bring new opportunities for AOMA to build bridges with western medical systems, offering patients a more comprehensive and collaborative approach to their care. She is excited about the organization’s position as a strong national leader in Chinese and Integrative Medicine study and research, and looks forward to her work with faculty, staff and students committed to serving AOMA and Its mission.

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President’s Message

My personal thanks to you for visiting AOMA’s website. We welcome you and hope you have an enriching experience as you browse and discover who we are, what we do and how we work to incorporate integrity, compassion and service in achieving our mission and vision.

Our mission at AOMA is to Transform Lives and Communities through Education, Patient Care, Leadership and Research in Chinese and other Integrative Medicines. We are very much a mission-driven organization. The heart and soul of our people are felt in our unique culture that has evolved from work aligned with the mission. I am very honored to be a part of AOMA and find each day a source of inspiration in our dedicated staff, talented faculty and passionate students. 

These are exciting times in healthcare! I believe that medicine is at a crossroads today in healthcare delivery. The health of the American people, and throughout the world, is challenged by a crisis level of chronic disease occurring at alarming rates and ever-younger age. The causes of this healthcare crisis are certainly multifactorial, including both individuals’ lifestyle choices and healthcare institutions’ processes of care delivery. In response to this challenge, patients are seeking out a multitude of approaches to improve their health, including consultation with physician(s), pharmaceuticals, diet, nutritional therapy, exercise, body work, supplements, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy. In spite of patient access to expert care providers, healthcare delivery remains fragmented at best. Patients are left with having to discern what will most improve their health among this vast array of choices and an overabundance of information and recommendations that are difficult to decipher. Healthcare organizations must develop more effective means to collaborate and coordinate care delivery in order to optimally meet this challenge.

At AOMA we remain committed to leadership in the transformation of care delivery by integrating and coordinating healthcare services among providers to best meet patient needs and the needs of our students. This will take new patient-centered partnerships with healthcare providers, new sharing of information between providers and enhanced training opportunities for our students to optimize their future success. As our Vision states, we are committed to being a Leader in Chinese Medicine and other Integrative Medicines by engaging with Our Communities. We look forward to a new world of healthcare delivery for the sake of our patients and our students. Thank you for seeking us out and I welcome you to AOMA.


Betty Edmond, M.D.