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Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety

The Safety policy of AOMA is designed to comply with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and to outline a plan for maintaining a safe and injury/illness-free workplace. A copy of the OSHA Safety and Health Standards 1926 and 1910 are available for all individuals’ use and reference. These standards shall be posted and available in various locations around the AOMA campus.  

 It is the goal of AOMA to provide a safe and healthy environment for the faculty, staff, students, and visitors to our campus. In addition, we want to have efficient operations, and minimize waste and damage to property and equipment. To achieve this goal, this manual has been developed to provide AOMA with a comprehensive and effective safety program. 

 The participation of each individual in this program is essential for this goal to be achieved. Accidents can be reduced by increasing safety awareness. Improved safety can be attained and maintained by the constant, positive effort of each person to identify, report, and, when possible, correct situations that pose threats. The authorization and responsibility for enforcement have been given to the AOMA Safety and Security Coordinator. 

 This manual is not intended to cover every possible eventuality that might arise but should be considered a broad statement of safety policy, which establishes responsibilities throughout AOMA and briefly describes the various aspects of the program on this basis.  

 We have a responsibility to ensure that this institution is operated safely to minimize health hazards and reduce the risk of injury. All faculty, staff, and students are responsible for complying with the safety policies and procedures presented in this manual. In doing so, our contributions will greatly enhance the overall safety posture of AOMA and create the safe and healthful environment we all desire.  

Notice of Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of AOMA to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972, which prohibits discrimination based on sex (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) in the institution’s educational programs and activities. In accordance with federal and state law, AOMA prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment, and sexual violence. These will not be tolerated, and individuals who engage in such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. AOMA encourages students, faculty members, staff members, and visitors to promptly report discrimination based on sex (including sexual harassment and sexual violence). 

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