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AOMA offers hundreds of hours of acupuncture continuing education every year. Typically these courses are approved for Texas, California, Florida, and NCCAOM.

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Southwest Symposium

Southwest Symposium (SWS) has been an annual event held in Austin, TX, which provides informative and educational seminars for people in the health care profession. This conference brings together the diverse community of health care providers from fields across the spectrum. We are proud to provide acupuncturists, naturopaths, herbalists, and nurses with educational seminars from qualified and fascinating educators. Our presenters provide a truly engaging experience, which help our attendees deepen their knowledge of health and patient care, taking their practice to an even higher level of excellence. The presentations we offer for Southwest Symposium are always accredited through NCCAOM for continuing education credits.

SWS is not offered in 2019, but will be back in 2020 - stayed tuned for details!

Dates: 2020 To Be Determined

Treating Emotions in Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy & Postpartum Care


Saturday, November 2nd (Treating Emotions in Chinese Medicine) 9am-6pm

Sunday, November 3rd (Pregnancy & Postpartum Care) 9am-6pm

Location: AOMA Main Campus (South Austin)

8 NCCAOM CEU's for each day!

On Campus or Live Video Stream Available!

Day 1
Treating Emotions in Chinese Medicine

Course Description:
This class, based on the classics and chinese medical texts, will elucidate the meaning of the five aspects of "Will" and the seven emotions. It will go into depth to explain how the five aspects & seven emotions represent all emotional states in human beings and how to treat. It will cover the general versions of emotions and the role of the heart and other orangs. Emotional states will be discussed and how it can injure an organ and how it relates to other organs. This course will allow practitioners to have an in-depth understanding of emotions in the classical sense and will allow the development of new treatments in their practice.

Day 2
Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Course Description:
The embryo develops in 10 stages which the traditional texts describe as phases in the constitution of a living being. The pregnant woman, aware of the innermost movements of blood and qi, protects herself from the risk of imbalance and supports the development of her child through appropriate behaviour in her activities, her diet, her thoughts and emotions. We will look at the dynamic proper to each of the 10 months of pregnancy as they are presented in the traditional Chinese texts ; we will study the relationship with the succession of the dominant meridians in the mother’s body and the alternation of the dominating Elements in the foetus. The we will look at some classical texts on the gestation and at some basic pathologies.

About Author:
Élisabeth ROCHAT de la VALLÉE, Born in 1949 in Paris.
Degrees in Classical Literature, Philosophy, Chinese.
Lecture on ancient Chinese philosophy and on classical medical texts, in France as well as in several European and American countries.
Author of numerous books, "Rooted in Spirit"; "Survey of Chinese Traditional Medicine" translations in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Polish, Swedish.
Participation to Congresses, Symposiums and International Conferences.

Livestream Available!
We are excited to announce that we will be offering a livestream option for this workshop for those who are unable to attend in person. At the end of the event, you will be provided with a certificate and recording of the workshop.

To select this option, select "Livestream" when you purchase your ticket through Eventbrite. You will be e-mailed an access link to the event as the date approaches.

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Foundations of Gemmotherapy

Dates: November 9th-10th @ 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: AOMA South Campus, Building E1 or Live Stream!

16 NCCAOM CEU's available!

Texas Lic Acupuncturist will recieved 8 - Herbal & 8 - Biomed Credits

About the Course

Learn the only systematic approach to using Gemmotherapy extracts to restore immunity. Whether you have knowledge of Gemmotherapy extracts or are brand new to the topic, this foundation course will shed new light on working with the body in the order in which it heals using the only botanical medicine with meristem cell.

Gemmotherapy is based on the initial work of Hildegaard of Bingen and was formalized by Belgian physician and homeopath Pol Henry. Henry conducted the first known comprehensive research on the therapeutic qualities of plant buds. Named for the “gem” of the plant, Gemmotherapy extracts owe their unique capabilities to the meristem cells included from individual trees and shrubs.

Entered into the European pharmacopoeia just sixty years ago, until recently, the study of Gemmotherapy was limited to learning the existing materia medica. Lauren Hubele has created a specific system for use of the extracts that focuses on how the body heals — and how the extracts, when used in a systematic method, will restore immunity.

What you will learn:

Question and discuss your own belief's regarding healing

Explore the often neglected role of the nervous system

Review the definition of immunity and recognize it's connection to optimal elimination

Examine the interdependence of emotional and physical immunity

Discuss and differentiate at least 25 Gemmotherapy extracts for acute and chronic protocols

Learn how to address and manage acute symptoms with well established protocols

Identify key symptoms for case taking of chronic symptoms and practice case taking

Analyze cases and build first protocols

Livestream Available!

We are also excited to announce that we will be offering a livestream option for this workshop for those who are unable to attend in person. At the end of the event, you will be provided with a recording of the workshop.

To select this option, select "Livestream" when you purchase your ticket through Eventbrite. You will be e-mailed an access link to the event as the date approaches.

About the Instructor:

Lauren Hubele is a family health coach and educator from San Marcos, Texas with an international practice serving mothers and children across North America, Europe, and Australia. She has developed a practical framework for resolving chronic and acute conditions based on the natural order in which the body heals. Her approach begins with Gemmotherapy extracts and integrates Homeopathy or Acupuncture, with a Plant-Based Diet.

Lauren teaches throughout Europe each summer from Brussels to Kyiv and offers live online seminars year-round. She is the author of the Gemmotherapy For Everyone series which currently has three volumes: Restoring your Immunity ( French language only) Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children and An Introduction To Acute Care. Her approach to healing is now successfully in practices worldwide by acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, pediatricians, family practice mds, nurse practitioners, midwives, homeopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists.

She also is the mother of three adult children who were raised on plant-based diets and natural medicine and all live in the Austin area.

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Introduction to FSN

Dates: Dec 7th-8th @ 9am-6pm

Location: AOMA South Campus - Room: Dojo

Earn: 15 NCCAOM credits & FSN Certificate

About the Course:

The FSN (Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling) certification course is designed to provide students with an introduction to fascial needling by areas of the body utilizing ROM assessment, treatment skills and techniques specific to the field of myofascial pain and muscle dysfunction. The first day will be focused on the upper body, while the second day will be focused on the lower body. Handouts will be provided including fascial planes of the body and a guide to insertion of the FSN needle per area. FSN is a great addition to the practitioner’s toolbox to offer a safe and effective treatment option with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Certification Exam:

Upon completion of the course, there will be a practicum consisting of 4
chosen areas of insertion as well as a 20 question multiple choice test for which
80% is necessary to pass. The written test will be based solely on the material

Course Objectives
By the end of the two days, participants of the FSN course will learn how to:
- Insert and manipulate an FSN needle subcutaneously
- Name the 12 fascial meridians
- Correct an anterior pelvic tilt via the deep front fascial line
- Correct an anterior rotation of the shoulder via the diaphragm
- Insert an FSN needle into the forearm to improve cervical ROM

(Recommended) Pre-Course Reading Material:
Prior to the FSN certification course, it will be beneficial to be familiar with “fascia” science as well as the fascial planes of the body. The knowledge of trigger points and their referral patterns will also give the practitioner a better understanding of treatment principles. The following books are recommended:
Thomas Myers - Anatomy Trains
Stecco - Human Atlas of the Human Fascial System
Travell & Simons - Myofascial Pain & Muscle Dysfunction

Eligibility Requirements:

This course is designated for licensed health care providers who hold the ability to insert a needle below the dermis within their jurisdiction. Professions include Acupuncturists, Naturopathic physicians*, Physical Therapists*, Chiropractic doctors*, Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Massage Therapists*, Veterinary Medical Doctors and Dentists. *depending on state/province

*All applicants must sign a waiver prior to attending the course. All participants are expected to participate in the hands-on portion of the course. By registering for this course, participants agree to practice the various needling techniques on each other.*

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