2018 Symposium Speaker Lineup

Jason Robertson

"Introduction to Diagnosis in Applied Channel Theory"

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Qianzhi ‘Jamie’ Wu

"TCM Treatment for ADD and ADHD"

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Mark Blumenthal

"Botanical Adulteration, Counterfeiting, and Fraud in the Global Marketplace"

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Xiaotian Shen

"Care for Emotional Health With Classic Eastern Medicine"

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John Neustadt

"Foundations and Applications of Medical Biochemistry in Clinical Practice"

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Brad Lichtenstein

"Transforming Health through the Power of Mindful Breathing"

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Violet Song

"TCM Herbal Pharmaceutics"

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Michael D Corradino

"Neuropuncture - A Neuroscience Acupuncture System"

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Amy Moll

"Improving Function of the Gut-Brain Axis with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs"

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William Morris

"Heart and Circulation is a Core Tool for Care"
"Pulse Diagnosis as a Tool for Treating Concerns of Spirit"

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Kate Naumes

"Naturopathic Intervention for Female-Associated Infertility and Use of the Midwives Model of Care"

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Kathleen Lumiere

"Advanced Electroacupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy"

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Lauren Hubele

"Restoring Immunity with Gemmotherapy"

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Marilyn Allen

"Safety and Ethics"

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Rachelle Lambert & Steven Shomo

"Acupuncture in Federally Approved Emergency Responder Teams"

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