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Financial Aid at AOMA

Aid may vary for eligible graduates, doctoral students, and transfer students.

Our financial aid staff is here to support you attain the financial resources to achieve your educational goals. We can help guide you through the process of applying for Federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Work-Study, veteran and military tuition benefits, and scholarships.

Interim Manager of Financial Aid, VA School Certifying Official

The Director of Financial Aid oversees the Financial Aid Department, manages the Federal Work-Study program, VA educational programs and benefits, maintains institutional regulatory compliance, and helps students and alumni with individual concerns and/or repayment issues.  The Student Services Finance Coordinator Assists with financial aid applications, Veteran students, VR&E invoicing, and Finance Department receivables.

Natalie Garrett

Interim Manager of Financial Aid, VA School Certifying Official

Phone: 512-492-3077

Apply for Aid

Visit the FSA web site for the most recent announcements related to COVID-19 and student loan debt relief. 

Whether you are a new student or a current student who is new to the financial aid process, our goal is to offer you friendly, efficient service.  We strive to effectively guide you through the financial aid process.

So that we may provide the best support possible, we ask that you please review the information provided on these pages.  Do not hesitate to contact the staff of the AOMA Financial Aid Office if you have any questions. The AOMA Financial Aid Office may be reached by phone (512-492-3077) or by email.


President’s, AOMA, and Golden Flower scholarship awards are promoted annually by the financial aid department. DAOM/doctoral scholarships are applied through the financial aid office. Admissions scholarships are all applied through the Admissions department. For more information, please visit the AOMA Life internal website.

Scholarship Details

Direct Loans

Eligible students may borrow Federal William Ford Direct Loans – Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS. For details of loan limits and fees, visit or AOMA Life internal website.

Direct Loans Details

Federal Work Study

FWS awards amounts vary and are subject to change based on position needs, eligibility changes, and/or funds available. Awards are made to eligible students for the financial aid year. Award does not constitute a guarantee of funds. Students are paid only for hours worked and help to offset educational expenses. For openings and more information, please see AOMA Life.

Federal Work Study details

VA & Mil Education

MAcCHM, CCHM, DAOM, and DAcCHM are approved to participate by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) for the training of veterans and other eligible persons. To receive Veteran’s Benefits, the veteran must first establish his/her eligibility with the VA directly. Veterans may also visit the VA website for more information. 

VA & Mil. Educ. Details

Other Aid

AOMA partners with the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Americorps Education Awards to support qualified individuals who are seeking a degree at our school. Please visit the TWC website or Americorps website for more information.

Visit the FSA web site for the most recent announcements related to COVID-19 and student loan debt relief. 

The Financial Aid Department at AOMA is committed to providing support, guidance, and education regarding the financial aid process from the point of origination to the process of repayment.

Learn about student loan repayment based on your current student loan process from starting school, about to graduate or leave, and graduated or left school. Visit for more information. Students may visit AOMA Life for more information.

Contact Our Financial Aid Specialist by Answering this Form

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