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Billy Zachary, DAOM, LAc

Department of Acupuncture, Clinic Supervisor

DAOM, AOMA (2019)
MSOM, AOMA (2004)

Billy Zachary is a licensed acupuncturist with over ten years of experience working as a professional practitioner. Since earning his master’s degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2004, he has completed extensive training in the Hakomi method of mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy. He maintains an active clinical practice in Austin, Texas where he specializes in the use of acupuncture & herbal medicine in the treatment of emotional trauma. In his previous life, he trained and taught Kuk Sool Won, a traditional Korean martial art that emphasizes mindfulness, meditation, joint locking and pressure points, though he currently practices and volunteers at Aikido of Austin. His first forays into East Asian medicine was in Shiatsu, offered at AOMA.
Professional Memberships



Licensure and Certifications

Texas Licensed Acupuncturist

Honors and Awards

Third Dan (Pu Sa Bum) in Kuk Sool Won


The Art of Touch with Qi, an introduction to mindful bodywork.

Services Offered
  • Teaching Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine
  • Integrating trauma informed care with Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine
  • Teaching mindful palpation and practical Shiatsu skills to acupuncture students

Third Dan (Pu Sa Bum) in Kuk Sool Won

(800) 824-9987 | (512) 454-1188

4701 West Gate Blvd., Austin, TX 78745

(512) 454-7001

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