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Qiao ‘Chelsea’ Xu, MD (China), LAc

Department of Mind-Body Studies, Clinic Supervisor

BMed, University of Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1983

Qiao Xu has performed extensive research in the field of Chinese medicine, focusing primarily on internal medicine and gynecology. She has over 21 years of experience as a teacher and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. After earning her medical degree, Xu pursued postgraduate clinical study at Qinhuangdao Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and took the opportunity to study advanced acupuncture and tuina at Dalian Health Department. Before coming to the United States, she served as medical doctor at Dalian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Xu has been a clinical supervisor at AOMA since 2003. She has a private acupuncture practice in Austin.
Clinician Bio
“To me, the most important aspect of Chinese medicine is its holistic approach." Dr. Qiao “Chelsea” Xu was born into a family that emphasized traditional Western medicine, and she always thought that she would follow in her grandfather and uncle's footsteps in medicine. However, her grandfather developed a liver disease untreatable with Western medicinal techniques, and it was traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that ultimately helped him recover. After this event, Dr. Xu changed her aspirations and began studying TCM. Dr. Xu graduated in 1983 from the University of Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Before moving to America, she worked as a doctor in a traditional Chinese hospital for three years. After relocating, she began practicing acupuncture in an MD’s clinic in Chicago and later moved to Austin in 1997. Dr. Xu brings a positive attitude, compassion, and encouragement to the patients in her acupuncture practice: “To me, the most important aspect of Chinese medicine is its holistic approach, emphasizing the relationship between the different parts of the body and its surroundings.” In addition to her thirty-plus years of acupuncture and Chinese herbal experience, Dr. Xu has also practiced qigong, taichi, and yoga for over twenty-five years, utilizing concepts from these practices in her treatments. Dr. Xu has been a clinical supervisor at AOMA since 2003, where she also teaches qigong and taichi.
Clinical Specialties
Pain management Woman’s health Digestive disorders Respiratory disease (allergies, asthma etc.) Insomnia Depression and stress Children’s health
Licensure and Certifications

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners License
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

Services Offered

Herbal consultation
Asian bodywork(medical qigong)

(800) 824-9987 | (512) 454-1188

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