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Xiaotian Shen, MD (China), MPH, LAC

Department of Acupuncture, Clinic Supervisor

MPH, Hebrew University, 1999
BMed, Chengdu University of TCM, 1993


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“Love is the best medicine.” Dr. Xiaotian Shen is a 4th generation Chinese Medicine practitioner. As a small child and while growing up, he was surrounded at home by frequent conversations about the philosophies of healing and medicine. This experience instilled in him an abiding love for his cultural heritage and its capacity for healing. According to Dr. Shen, “The philosophical part of Chinese medicine most appeals to me due to its unique perspective of the universe and because of its deep-rooted heritage.” Shen taught acupuncture and herbal medicine at two colleges in China and was also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at the Teaching Hospital of Chengdu College of Medical Continuing Education. His intellectual curiosity and interest in world cultures and medicine led him to Israel, where he earned a Master of Public Health degree. In his current practice, Shen’s medical specialties include pain management, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease treatment, digestive health, psycho-emotional care, and treatment of reproductive concerns. Shen also provides comprehensive care to alleviate routine ailments, such as allergies, and he treats other commonly seen problems, like diabetes. Dr. Shen has been a professor and practitioner with AOMA since 1999. At AOMA, Shen supervises student interns and teaches not only core subjects but also specialty topics in areas such as Public Health. He also tirelessly works to support the larger profession. In addition to contributing to professional journals and participating in ongoing research projects, Shen serves as a member of the NCCAOM exam writing committee. In this role, he and other highly respected members of the professional community assess questions for the state licensing exams. He also is a certified examiner of the Clean Needle Techniques examination that all practitioners must take and pass in order to demonstrate adherence to safe needling practices. Shen is a frequent presenter not only at national and international conferences but also at local hospitals and universities. His scholarly presentations share his acumen in the fields of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, emotional care, pain management, women’s health, and herbal safety. Shen appreciates the opportunity to share his love for the practice and the wealth of his family rich medical background with students, colleagues, and patients alike. Dr. Shen enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, travelling, photography, and technology.
Licensure and Certifications

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners License
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
CCAOM certified Clean Needle Technique instructor

Services Offered

Herbal consultation

(800) 824-9987 | (512) 454-1188

4701 West Gate Blvd., Austin, TX 78745

(512) 454-7001

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