MAcOM Program Resources

Clinical Resources

Checklists of Procedures and Skills Outlines the requirements for advancing through clinical levels and the accompanying portfolio requirements; including details of required coursework.

Checklists: Fall 2013 interns +

Internship Application Revised May 2016

Make-up Clinic Tally Sheet

Professional Observation Request

NCCAOM Eligibility  

In order to be authorized to sit for the national exams, each student must first successfully complete the four self-paced review courses in acupuncture, foundations, biomedicine, and Chinese herbal medicine. Each course concludes with a written comprehensive exam. Each written exam is scheduled via the same procedure as a make-up exam; however, no fee is collected.

Portfolio Requirement

This packet outlines the details of completion of the portfolio requirement that span the length of the program and include works from clinic rotations as well as from various courses, practical exams, professional development, and intern meetings.

MAcOM Checklists: Tasks and Requirements  

To organize the many requirements that every MAcOM student is responsible for throughout the program, we have compiled the following checklists for your convenience. These checklists include items and activities from admission through post-graduation and everything in between. These are broken down into two tracks, one for students following the fast track and one for those who are completing the program full-time